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“Digital Literacy is the ability of individuals and communities to understand and use digital technologies for meaningful actions within life situations”.

Making one person in every family digitally literate is one of the integral components of the Prime Minister 's vision of “Digital India”. The National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) envisages initially to provide Information Communication and Technology (ICT) training to 10 lakh (Ten lakh) persons, one in every eligible household in selected Blocks in each State/ UT of the country. Out of 10 lakh, 9 lakh will be trained through government machinery and 1 lakh through Industry, NGOs and others through their own resources/ under Corporate Social Responsibility. The objective is to impart basic ICT skills relevant to the need of the trainees, which would enable the citizens to use IT and related applications and participate actively in the democratic process and further enhance opportunities for their livelihood. The persons shall be able to access information, knowledge and skill through the use of digital devices. The Scheme is to be implemented in each State/ UT across the country. The States/ UTs are categorized into three broad categories, Category A, B and C, based on their population. Implementation of the Scheme is to be carried out in around 5 – 7 Districts in Category A States, 4 – 5 Districts in Category B States and 2 – 3 Districts in Category C States/ UTs.

Two levels of training under the SCHEME

The two levels of IT training envisaged under the Scheme will have the following broad objectives:

Appreciation of Digital Literacy (Level 1)

To make a person IT literate, so that he/ she can operate digital devices, like mobile phones, tablets, etc., send and receive emails and search Internet for information, etc.

Basics of Digital Literacy (Level 2)

Besides IT literacy at a higher level, the citizen would also be trained to effectively access the various e-Governance services being offered to the citizen by the Government and other agencies.

Eligibility Criteria

Level 1 : Non-IT literate - Illiterate and up to 7th standard pass
Level 2 : Non-IT literate with at least 8th standard pass
Age : 14 to 60 years

Course Duration

Level 1 : 20 Hours (Minimum 10 Days and Maximum 30 Days)
Level 2 : 40 Hours (Minimum 20 Days and Maximum 60 Days)

Medium of Instruction

Level 1 and 2 : Official Languages of India


Level 1 : For SC/ ST/ BPL Households, training fee payable and for General candidates, course fee of Rs. 125 applicable.
Level 2 :

For SC/ ST/ BPL Households, training fee payable and for General candidates, course fee of Rs. 250 applicable.

Place of Learning

The eligible households can nominate one person from their family. The selected person to get himself enrolled under this programmed in a nearest Training Centre


Independent external evaluation will be conducted by a National level certifying agency like NIELIT, NIOS, IGNOU, etc.


The wage compensation rates will be Rs. 300/- and Rs. 600/- respectively for Level 1 and 2 courses, respectively. The wage loss compensation would be directly credited into the bank account of the BPL category beneficiaries by the PMU on being awarded certificate by the certifying agency.

विविध संस्‍थांच्‍या माध्‍यमांतून ग्रामीण व शहरी भागातील विद्यार्थ्‍यांसाठी व्‍यावसायिक शिक्षणाचा प्रसार करणे हाच यामागचा उद्देश आहे. ‘ सुहासिनी एज्‍युकेशन सोसायटी ( SES) या संस्‍थेमार्फत विविध शासकीय- निमशासकीय उपक्रम राबविले जातात. तसेच विविध बाबींचे समुपदेशन केले जाते. ‘ SES’ मार्फत संलग्‍नीत होऊन विविध उपक्रम आपल्‍या स्‍वतःच्‍या संस्‍थेमध्‍ये राबवू शकतात. त्‍याचा फायदा संस्‍थेच्‍या विकासासाठी होईल. ‘ SES’ मार्फत खालील बाबींचे समुपदेशन केले जाईल व आपणास मान्‍यता दिली जाईल. सर्व उत्तीर्ण विद्यार्थ्‍यांचे शासकीय स्‍वयंरोजगार केंद्रामध्‍ये नोंदं होईल.

  1. National Skil Development Corporation (N.S.D.C.)
  2. CCC & BCC Computer Course.
  3. Tally
  4. GDC & a
  5. CA
  6. IRDA/ BSE/NSE/AMFI (exam.)
  7. AMIE ( Engineering)
  8. AMIE ( Engineering)
  9. X, XIIth, ITI Course & Degree Courses
  10. Government Polytechnique चे विविध कोर्सेस.
  11. MSME & IVTR मार्फत विविध कोर्सेस

University Courses

  • BA
  • MA
  • B.COM
  • M.COM
  • B.SC
  • M.SC
  • BBA
  • BCA
  • MBA
  • MCA
  • B.TECH
  • M.TECH

Non IT Courses
Sr.No                                       Course Name
1         Basic course in Computerized Fashion Design
2         Advance course in Computerized Fashion Design
3         Basic course in Beautician
4         Advance course in Beautician
5         Basic course in Hotel & catering Management
6         Advance course in Hotel & catering Management
7         Basic course in Electronics & Electricals
8         Advance course in Electronics & Electricals
9         Basic course in foundry
10         Advance course in foundry
11         Basic course in civil draftsman
12         Advance course in civil draftsman
13         Basic course in Digital Photography
14         Advance course in Digital Photography
15         Basic course in Mechanical draftsman
16         Advance course in Mechanical draftsman
17         Basic Course in Travel & Tourism
18         Advance course in Travel & Tourism
19         Basic course in interior design
20         Advance course in interior design
21         Basic course in electrical wireman
21         Advance course in electrical wireman
22         Basic course in CNC operator
23         Advance course in CNC operator
24         Basic course in 2 wheeler mechanic
25         Advance course in 2 wheeler mechanic
26         Basic course in 4 wheeler mechanic
27         Advance course in 4 wheeler mechanic
28         Basic course in cooking
29         Advance course in cooking
30         Basic course in jewelry design
31         Advance course in jewelry design
32         Basic course in tailoring/dress making
33         Advance course in tailoring/dress making
34         Basic course in jardoji
35         Advance course in jardoji
36         Basic course in Embroidery
37         Advance course in Embroidery
38         Basic course in Toys making39 Advance course in Toys making
40         Course in carpentry
41         Course in soft skills
42         Course in hair & skin care
43         Course in Architecture
44         Course in glass/ceramic painting
45         Course in smithy/ molding
46         Course in welding/welder
47         Course in audio video mechanic
48         Course in PCB design / etching
49         Course in personality development
50         Course in Dance (traditional /western form)
51         Course in Language (English & other regional/western language)
52         Course in drawing
53         Course in purse/valet making
54         Course in box making
55         Course in screen printing
56         Course in offset printing
57         Course in leather products
58         Course in dairy products
59         Course in gardening
60         Course in bookbinding
61         Course in printing technology
63         Course in secretary skills